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Dynatherm™ is America's ONLY steel and cast iron belly flue 3-Pass Scotch Marine designed boiler. Uniquely different from an all cast iron or all steel boiler, Dynatherm™ boilers utilize the qualities of both materials. The cast iron front and rear heads are designed to hold the heat as they transfer it into the steel heat exchanger. From there the gases are transferred efficiently into the water body. The gases are then forced down into the belly, allowing all the heat generated to rise back through the system before exiting the flue; giving you constant, reliable, comfortable home heat. Your valuable heating dollars stay in your home and not up the chimney.

Dynatherm™ provides the finest home heating equipment available today along with complete dealer and homeowner support; a combination that can't be beat! Give your family the warmth and comfort they deserve with a new Dynatherm™ boiler. Let our dealer show you how a new Dynatherm™ boiler can save you money this year, and thousands of dollars in the years ahead.

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Important Topics

Dynatherm™ boilers must be installed in accordance with the regulations of the National Board of Fire Underwriters for the class boiler being installed. Satisfactory heating depends on the proper installation.

Installation must conform to the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction or, in the absence of such requirements, to the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1 latest version.

All electrical wiring must be made in accordance with the National Electrical Code and/or local regulations.

Regulations of the National Board of Fire Underwriters and Local Ordinances govern all installations to insure the mutual satisfaction of the user, the dealer, and the manufacturer. It is to your responsibility to comply with the standards thus established.

Dynatherm™ boilers are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of national bodies and may require supplemental components to satisfy local regulations. It is your responsibility to be aware of these regulations.

Installation must be performed by a qualified Dynatherm™ installer/technician.  Improper installation, service, maintenance or adjustments can result in death, serious injury or substantial property damage.

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